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The process of buying our first home was exciting, intriguing, unbelievable, unique yet familiar. After researching the Edge Fund, we got in touch with Ben and began the application process. I had a million and one questions and Ben was able to answer every single question. He was very helpful, patient, and responsive throughout the entire process. He was an expert and absolutely loved his job which made us feel like we were in good hands. Ben was very excited for us once we were approved and walked us through the remaining process until I signed the purchase agreement.


The opportunity for homeownership we’ve been given through this program will be life-changing for us. Not only is this home affordable, but it is also beautifully designed and built to last. Knowing this gives me great comfort and security in the fact that I can better plan for our future. Owning a home gives me a sense of stability and a space to ground myself. I feel proud to be a homeowner and to be part of the vision for our neighborhood.


This has been the most incredible opportunity that has ever happened to me. It’s both very exciting and terrifying to purchase your first home but I felt very supported throughout the homebuying process. Any time I had any questions or concerns, those at Intend Indiana would make sure I knew everything I needed to know to feel comfortable buying a home.


I think one of the many beautiful things about the Intend Indiana partnership is the opportunity it provides to the income-qualified buyer. I wasn’t sure what this experience would be like or if I would like the options available. I am happy to report it has exceeded any preconceived expectations that I may have had. My home is beautiful and fits in naturally with the higher price point of the neighborhood. In fact, its unique design has made it my favorite house on the block. I am proud to call it my home.