Edge Fund Products

The mission of the Edge Fund is to provide flexible financing that promotes affordable, inclusive, and diverse housing opportunities.

Started in 2018, the Edge Fund is a mission-driven lender operated by Intend Indiana dedicated to promoting diverse and inclusive affordable housing opportunities across the housing spectrum.


As a mission-driven lender, Edge Fund will offer flexible financial products, including:

HomeSmart Mortgage
Single-family home loans for creditworthy, low- to moderate-income borrowers, offering a below-market interest rate for market-rate housing fixed for the life of the loan.
Affordable housing
The Delaware Apartments - Long Branch Restaurant
BridgeSmart Bridge Loan
Bridge loans to tax credit or preservation projects during the construction or substantial rehabilitation period and may extend beyond the property’s placed-in-service date.
Indy AMP
The Indy Affordable Modification Program (IndyAMP) allows homeowners negatively affected by COVID-19 to refinance mortgage debt at a below-market interest rate for up to 30-years.