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The EdgeFund can help you find home of your dreams.

We offer a variety of services that will help you find and fund the home of your dreams. Learn more about our services below.

Edge Fund | Single Family Mortgage Loan Fund
Homebuyer Support
Have questions about the homebuying process? Want to know what programs are available to help you? Contact our team and we will help you determine whether homeownership is right for you.
Single Family Home Loan Mortgage Options in Indianapolis
Mortgage Options
Our team can help you evaluate different mortgage loan products and lenders. Mortgage Loan Officers from our trusted bank partners are regularly available at our office to answer all your mortgage questions.
Builder and Realtor Referrals in King Park
Builder / Realtor Referrals
Don’t know where to start? Our team can refer you to trusted builders and realtors active in the area. Their experience can help you make informed choices about your homebuying decision.
Liaison to Homebuyer Programs
Are there homeownership training classes or down payment assistance programs available to help you? Contact our team and we will connect you to resources available to assist potential homebuyers.


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